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Navala has been delivering and developing her workshop “Talking bodies” across the globe since 2010.  Her contemporary style is influenced by her in depth knowledge of yoga, martial arts, including capoeira and floor work.  Her work focuses on finding freedom in movement, always taking the attention back to its breath in order to generate and recycle energy.  

Encouraging movement in continuous flow, allowing each participant to organically explores their connection to their own centre of gravity, to others and the space they occupy.  Playing with concepts of risk, trust, moving with necessity, instinct, speed, power and fragility. Allowing us to go beyond our mental and physical limits to find a place where we can truly be in the moment...

Through an open and playful atmosphere, I will slowly encourage theatrical inputs and images to enhance creativity and give meaning to movement. Most importantly each participant will be encouraged to explore their own personal movement language within the structured playground. 

Navala also delivers workshops based on her extensive work with Eastman (, company of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

Some of the organisations I have worked with include:


National Youth Dance Company, Sadlers Wells 

New Zealand School of Dance, New Zealand

SIN Culture Center, Budapest

Circuit-Est Centre Choreographique, Montreal, Quebec

TransFormation Danse, Montreal, Quebec

DAR festival, St. Petersburg, Russia

Royal Ballet School, Antwerp, Belgium

Dansstudio Zenit, Leuven, Belgium

Conservatori Superior de Danse de Institut del Teatre, Barcelona, Spain

Artesis University College Antwerp The Royal Conservatoire, Belgium

Maison de la Danse, Lyon, France

Conservatorio Profesional de Danza University, Zaragoza, Spain

Tripspace, Arch 339, Acton Mews, London E84EA

The Place, London Contemporary Dance School 

SIF International Dance Festival, Bedford University

Manchester Dance Consortium, The Lowry, Manchester

Centre for Advanced Training, The Lowry,  Manchester

Oslo National Academy of Dance 

Akram Khan company 

Skanes Dance Theatre, Sweden

Eastman summer intensive, Antwerp 

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